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What is Advanced Fleet Tracking?

To explain advanced fleet tracking, first let’s take it back to the basics. The first step in fleet telematics is to track vehicle location, movement, speeding, and a few other basic functionalities. Essentially, basic fleet tracking provides visibility into where the vehicle is and what it is doing.

Advanced fleet tracking provides visibility into what the driver is doing with the vehicle, specific to driving behaviour. For example, this includes speeding, but then dives deeper into other types of aggressive driving, such as harsh braking, sharp cornering, or hard acceleration.
● Improved Time Management
● Better Customer Service
● Fuel Management & Maintenance Costs
● Real Time Fleet Tracking
● Reduced Labour Costs
● Automated Fleet Reports
● Insurance Cost Reduction
● Improved Customer Satisfaction & so much more
When a fleet is ready to take their telematics to the next level, what is a good next step beyond GPS tracking?

Route optimization and idling are two easy areas to tackle with Gofleet International, after GPS tracking. This helps decrease overhead fuel costs and shortens time-to-ROI.

Sometimes, a fleet might have a certain group of vehicles that need to idle as part of work. With our solution, fleet managers can set up a special group for these vehicles, so they can exclude them and zero in on the places where cuts are needed, without hindering normal operations.

How can a fleet manager use advanced fleet tracking without getting overwhelmed by all the data?

The Gofleet platform allows fleets to gain a wealth of knowledge about their operations. By working with the Gofleet International Team, fleet managers can refine their focus areas, learn more about the platform and where to start, avoiding data overload. Additionally, the Team helps fleet managers implement strategies by folding in best practices to help the success of the strategy last as long as possible.

Advanced fleet tracking is much more than only GPS vehicle tracking. It can improve fleet management in many ways, helping with everything from fuel efficiency to cost management, helping improve driver safety and build stronger customer service.

Power up your fleet. There are so many ways Gofleet International can help you with its advanced fleet tracking.

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