Guide to Fleet Management Solutions

Businesses of the 21st century are solely data driven. From live vehicle location, fuel consumption to driver performance and behaviours. Such data is very essential for businesses as they can monitor it and eventually bring a change that will benefit the company in more ways than one.

To ensure that this data is being used in the most useful and effective manner, get in touch with a 360′ fleet management solution provider like Gofleet International (GFI).

Our advanced fleet management solutions will help you control your vehicle data efficiently and also train you with some useful tools and features that can help boost business productivity. From scheduling daily tasks to monitoring your driver’s behaviors, it can help optimize every part of your business’ operations.

Key benefits of having Gofleet’s solution:

  • Active Tracking
  • No hardwiring cost
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Powerful fuel diagnostics to analyze fuel usage economized fuel expenses up to 30%
  • Increased savings (Cut down expenses on fuel and maintenance)
  • Confirm easy compliance with in-depth reporting
  • Integrated intelligence that turns rich data into a wealth of opportunities
  • Global Sim card active in 55+ countries

Once GFI’s fleet management solution is in place, fleet managers can then focus on the many other responsibilities while the system will automatically notify and detect any broken rules or engine faults.

In conclusion, if you already haven’t, this is the right time to adopt GFI’s fleet management solutions in order to improve your bottom line!

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