How is Fleet Tracking and Route Optimization important for Food Delivery Companies?

Due to the pandemic in 2020, the surge in demand for food delivery has expanded the reach of delivery services. The working population is increasingly ordering food without leaving their desks.

This has heavily impacted the restaurants with dine-in-businesses. Restaurants are handling food deliveries with their in-house team or are outsourcing them to independent contractors or delivery couriers. Due to COVID, another popular model catching up is ‘cloud kitchen’, where they operate from a central kitchen location with no retail and deliver food to customers’ doorsteps.

How is Fleet Tracking and Route Optimization important for Food Delivery Companies?

Making on-time deliveries when food is hot 

The cardinal rule of food delivery is—do not deliver cold food. Delayed deliveries make customers unhappy.

Planning an efficient route is critical for food delivery businesses. Gofleet International’s solution enables you to get the most efficient routes from the possible scenarios. It considers various factors like traffic, road maintenance, and so on to arrive at the most optimized route.

Reduce the amount spent on fuel:

The trickiest challenge for food delivery companies is to manage fuel expenses.

Fleet tracking and route planning solutions come in handy as they provide analytics and reports that can help logistics managers evaluate actual fuel expenditure in a particular route. They also assist in identifying drivers who drive more kilometres in a route than they should.

Easily manage unplanned schedule changes:

With orders flooding in, unscheduled changes in deliveries are inevitable. Customers may change the delivery address, time, or increase the number of orders. Manually re-optimizing the schedule is impossible because you have to make on-time deliveries to many other customers.

With Gofleet International’s solution, automatically add the change to the delivery schedule. Our software can quickly update the optimal route for delivery and prepare a new delivery schedule in real-time.

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