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The LEADING fleet management solutions integrator since 2008. The first vehicle tracking system to surpass 2,000,000+ connected vehicles.

We continue to be recognized for our innovative technology and solutions as seen on:

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Start Saving Money By Tracking Your Vehicles

See what our customers have achieved using best practices:

  • Reduce Maintenance Cost by 40%
  • Improve Driver Behaviour by 69%
  • Increase Productivity by 40%
  • Decrease Fuel Cost by 20%
  • Achieve ROI within 1-2 years

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Solutions We Provide

Vehicle Fuel management

Fleet Routing and Dispatch

Our route management tools help you achieve maximum productivity by saving on travel time and kilometers driven.

  • Optimize your fleet’s journey
  • Real time dispatching
  • Compare planned vs. actual information
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Vehicle Fuel management

Driver Camera System

Record high-definition videos using dash cams, seamlessly integrated with GFI’s open fleet telematics platform.

  • Record & save video evidence of collision
  • Receive immediate alert of incidents
  • Gain visibility into on-road activities
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Vehicle Fuel management

Driver Safety Performance System

Integrated solutions for driver coaching help you promote good driving habits and achieve your fleet goals.

  • Verbal alert and reminders to drivers
  • Monitor fleet safety in real time
  • Driver distraction alert
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Vehicle Fuel management

Vehicle Fuel Management

Save on costs by actively managing fuel use and increasing overall fuel efficiency.

  • Monitor fuel consumption
  • Potential savings from Idling report
  • Track Fuel Fill ups and Fuel Trend
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Vehicle Fuel management

Vehicle Temperature Monitoring

Never worry about losing a temperature-sensitive load again with accurate and reliable real-time monitoring.

  • Real-time temperature monitoring
  • Immediate alerts for temperature
  • Improved visibility on high value shipments
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Vehicle Maintenance System

Maximize uptime and reduce costs with our fleet management software.

  • Save on maintenance cost
  • Reminders on preventive maintenance
  • Inventory management
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Our Achievements So Far

Gofleet International and it’s partners are ranked #1 commercial telematics vendor worldwide by ABI Research and continue to be recognized for our innovative technology and solutions. Whether you have 1 vehicle or 1000, Gofleet International has the solutions to suit all your needs.

Vehicle Fuel management
Vehicle Fuel management
Vehicle Fuel management
Vehicle Fuel management

People Talk, And It Matters


Raul Duran, CR&R Environmental Services

“Gofleet has been great, they’ve delivered on all promises so far! We noticed an increased level of visibility, productivity & reporting.”

Vehicle Fuel management

Jim Mercier, Franchise Owner, Boston Pizza

“If you spent a day on our delivery line using this system you’d have it in your restaurant by tomorrow.”

Vehicle Fuel management

Roni Laba, Manager, PNL Communications

“You will not be disappointed! You’ll EASILY get the ROI in your employees driving better & the big cut in idle times.”

Vehicle Fuel management

Ryan Marenger, CSA, Tire Supplier

“We are now able to give customers accurate delivery times and that’s keeping them very happy”

Poppa Corn

Veronica Kukkola, Poppa Corn

“Gofleet is a great company to work with & I would recommend their service to anyone as they are expert!”

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