Driver Camera System

Driver Camera Solutions

Record high-definition videos using dash cams and mobile
video systems, seamlessly integrated with GFI’s open
fleet telematics platform.

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Leading fleet video monitoring technology combined with telematics solutions for enhanced fleet safety

Telematics provides a wealth of data to make fleets safer, more efficient, and more compliant — but it only tells part of the story. By combining connected dash cameras with telematics data, you get the visual evidence you need to validate insights from telematics systems on top of the ability to quickly establish liability in the event of an accident.

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What is vehicle telematics?

Traditional vehicle telematics consists of GPS fleet tracking technology combined with onboard vehicle diagnostics. A Fleet Telematics System (FTS) allows fleet managers to see where their vehicles are, where they have been, and access powerful data points including speed, idle time, fuel usage, engine errors, seat belt usage and more.

These GPS and vehicle diagnostic data points are transmitted via a cellular network to be made available for secure viewing online.

Forward Facing Dash Cam vs Forward and Rear: Which Dash Cam is Better?

GFI offers both forward-facing and dual-facing connected dash cam solutions. The primary difference between forward and dual-facing dash cams is that the forward-facing system records the road in front of the vehicle, whereas the dual-facing system also records the interior of the vehicle or a rear view at the same time.

Forward-facing dash cams are GFI’s most popular solution and are primarily used for insurance and claims mitigation. Fleets wanting more visibility into driver activity for coaching purposes often consider the dual-facing solution.

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GFI forward-facing connected dash cameras improve fleet safety and reduce claims costs. Benefits of GFI’s industry-leading technology include:

  • Real-Time Connectivity: Data and video instantly uploaded through the network to a secure server
  • Hands Free Functionality: Alerts are triggered from g-force sensors and automatically sent without the need for manual driver intervention
  • Reduced Incident Frequency: GFI clients reduce incident frequency by up to 55%
  • Cloud-Based Interface: Interact with fleet video and data through our web-based platform anywhere, anytime
  • Supporting Information: Receive analytics and reporting, including speed, tracking and g-force data to inform the claims process and driver coaching
  • Fleet Video + GPS Track and Trace: Unleash the telematics data made available through GFI connected dash cameras with the GFI View Pro online platform
  • Reduce Claims Costs: Many fleets reduce claims costs by up to 40% or more

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